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The field of accounting has grown rapidly over the last decade

The study and practice of accounting has grown rapidly in the past decade in both number of jobs and level of salary. Those with work experience or education concentrated in accounting can both practice accounting and teach accounting at a postsecondary or higher level. Compared to recognized occupations in the field of business and the overall workplace in the United States, accounting is a promising and desirable profession.

The median salary for accountants in 2014 was $65,940 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The expected employment growth from 2014-2024 is projected at 11%, compared to an overall workforce growth of 7% (1). In the past few years, accountants’ salaries have consistently risen, a hike significantly greater than overall salary growth in the United States (2). The demand for accountants is projected to rise as automation increases in the workforce.

Most accountants spend between five and seven years in school, as 150 credit hours are required to take the CPA exam in most states. The 150 credit hour requirement can be met with courses taken at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Aspiring accountants have trended towards attending graduate school in recent years, many of which opt to pursue an academic path in accounting less than ten years after completing the 150 hour requirement.

Teaching accounting at a postsecondary level or higher can be substantially more profitable than practicing accounting. Academic paths in accounting rely heavily on having a Ph.D. Without a terminal degree, job opportunities for instructing and researching accounting are low-paying and difficult to find. A Ph.D. in accounting typically takes four to six years to complete that could be spent practicing accounting, a tradeoff all aspiring academics should consider before assuming a Ph.D. program’s responsibilities.

A firm grasp on the fundamentals of accounting provides a relatively strong basis for those wishing to pursue another discipline than accounting. Undergraduate accounting degrees are often sought by those planning careers in economics, finance, law, and marketing. Both the academic and practical backgrounds in accounting are helpful in familiarizing one’s self with fundamentals of accountancy. Having experience in either — not necessarily both — is required in landing a position at an accounting firm.

As technology becomes increasingly integrated in business worldwide, accounting becomes more reliant on control systems and information systems to accurately bookkeep and provide meaningful financial statements. Those with a firm understanding of both sometimes-complex information technology and more easily-navigable Microsoft Office are exponentially more hireable by employers, as digitized computer systems are always used by accounting firms to store valuable financial information.


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Robert F Bernstock Has A Unique Understanding Of The Corporate World

Robert F Bernstock is an experienced businessman who has successfully navigated the corporate world. He has developed a unique understanding of the corporate world that has helped him to be more successful in corporate settings. He has helped corporate entities to experience substantial growth, even with the recession still in full swing. He has been able to do this because he understands the business world well enough to help companies develop new products and services. He is also capable of helping companies to expand their product lines for global distribution.

Robert F Bernstock Has Served In Numerous Leadership Positions For Several Companies

Robert F Bernstock has been  a highly successful business leader for more than twenty years, and he has held senior  leadership positions with both public and private companies. His experience as a corporate leader has primarily been with consumer packaged goods corporations in the United States, and he has also been active in a range of other segments, including: telecommunications, information technology, and mailing and shipping  services.

Robert F Bernstock has served in numerous leadership positions for several companies and has been promoted to be General Manager, Division President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and member of the Board of Directors. Among the companies at which Robert F Bernstock has worked are Vlasic Foods International, Campbell Soup Company, The Dial Corporation, and Scotts Miracle-Gro. A short list of Robert F Bernstock’s responsibilities with these companies includes: corporate strategy, financial performance, cost savings, asset management, acquisitions and divestitures, organizational capability, supply chain management and marketing and sales.

At each of these packaged consumer goods companies Robert F Bernstock has been responsible for successfully launching new products, and also been responsible for the expansion and business building of the existing core product lines. During his career, he has overseen the launch of well over one hundred new and repositioned products, both domestically in the United States and internationally. This work by Robert F Bernstock has contributed to earnings growth and increased shareholder value.

Robert F Bernstock has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College and a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard University.

Robert Bernstock‘s Corporate Career Dates Back To 1974

Robert Bernstock ‘s corporate career dates back to 1974, when he joined General Foods Corporation as an Assistant Product Manager.  Bernstock remained with General Foods for eight years in positions of increasing responsibility, and then accepted a position as Vice President of Marketing with United Satellite Communications, Incorporated (USCI).  At USCI Bob Bernstock was a key leader in the overall planning and launch of the nation’s first Direct Broadcast Satellite Service.

Over the next 30+ years Robert Bernstock held positions as Chairman, CEO, President or General Manager at national and multinational companies that included: Campbell Soup Company, Vlasic Foods International, Atlas Commerce, the Dial Corporation, Scotts Miracle-Gro, and the United States Postal Service. Robert Bernstock has also served as director on nine public and private company boards, including: Nutrisystem Inc., The Pantry, Inc., First Brands, VFI Inc., and City Barbeque.

In each of the communities where Robert Bernstock has lived, he has been involved in civic and non-profit activities. He has been a board member of the Philadelphia tennis patrons, Rowan University College of Business, Conference Board of Canada, and the Columbus, Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  Robert Bernstock has also served as a board member of the United States Council of Competitiveness in Washington D.C.